Who we are:

Love God - Love People

The mission of Moment Church is simply to love God and love people.  

We are not about a pastor, a building, a service or anything flashy.  

We are a community of people who love Jesus and want to grow in relationship with Him.

Below you will discover the three core values that make Moment Church.     


We believe that God calls us to a life of continual growth.  The most important growth in the life of a believer is in their relationship with God.  We grow in relationship with God by studying the Bible, through prayer, through worship and being in relationship with other believers.  At Moment Church, we study God’s word verse-by-verse and teach you how to study the Bible to grow in relationship with God.  

The second piece to growth is our pursuit of becoming healthy and healed individuals.  As we deepen our relationship with God, our relationships with people are vital.  Moment Church highly values tools such as mentorship, discipleship and counseling.  Our goal is to represent Jesus well and be people who are consistent, honest, humble and of high integrity and character. 


Community and relationships are central to the life of Moment Church.  We recognise that we were created to be in relationships with others, and that we thrive in the midst of loving communities of people.  With that said, our “church” is not centered around a service in a building, we are centered around small gatherings where real relationships can develop.  Our hope is that each home church becomes like a family and grows deeply in relationship with each other.  We also recognise the importance of a larger community, so we will be hosting a monthly service and other activities to connect with Moment Church as a whole.


As believers in Jesus Christ, we are called to be generous with everything we have. As a church, we have positioned ourselves to be radically generous with what God has blessed us with.  With no building, mortgage, or other bills, we are positioning our church to reach our valley through generosity.  Generosity is not a religious obligation but it is an act of worship and response for what God has done for us.  Moment Church strives for monetary transparency and desires that every dollar given be used to impact our community.