Moment Institute

Moment Institute is your way to earn an accredited degree through Northwest University while serving in the local church. It is both your enrollment as a full-time student at Northwest University and your participation in Moment Church’s internship. 

Our desire is to offer students the opportunity to pursue their degree at an affordable cost, while growing as a leader in the local church. As pastors and church leaders, we want to partner with you as you pursue the plan God has for your life. We believe that the combination of education and practical hands-on experience will help you grow in your faith as your live out the call God has for you!

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Moment Institute is a partner of Northwest University (NU), which is part of their NPP – Northwest Partnership Program. Students participating in Moment Institute are NPP students, which is different than the Northwest University online program. 

The NPP program uses 7-week online versions of NU courses, thus ensuring that the academic experience is equivalent to that available from the NU campus in Kirkland, Washington. The breakdown of our program is that full time students are enrolled in 12 credits (four 3-credit courses) by taking two courses during Session A and two courses during Session B, equaling in one semester. 

At the same time, students will be participating in either the Traditional or Flex version of our internship. If all requirements are completed during the internship, each student (while elective credits are available) are eligible to receive three elective credits per semester – at no out of pocket cost to them. Therefore, at the end of one completed school year, the average student will have completed 30 credits.  

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