Pastors & Staff

Sean and Allison Tavakoli

Lead Pastors

Sean and Allison Tavakoli are both Walla Walla transplants who fell in love with the community and have made it home, they are looking forward to raising their daughter here! Sean and Allison’s lives were radically changed by Jesus and now they are passionate about supporting others as they find, follow, and grow in Christ. They desire to help ensure that the local church is the best place to welcome all people to find healing in Jesus. Sean and Allison have committed their lives to helping people find their true identity and purpose in Christ. 

Mark Day

Associate Pastor

Mark and his wife, Rachel moved to Walla Walla in 2015 to be a part of this church community. 8 years later and they, together with their daughter Poppy, are fully invested in seeing God’s plan play out here in our city. Mark serves Moment Church as an Associate Pastor and oversees Discipleship Ministries. He has a passion for seeing God’s people mature in their knowledge and understanding of who God is as God leads them into deeper spiritual, emotional, and relational growth. 

Dakotah Fryatt

Youth Pastor

My name is Dakotah Fryatt and I get the awesome honor and privilege of being the youth pastor here at Moment church. I am extremely passionate about the next generation. God became so real to me at this age it was in youth group that I discovered my identity in Christ, where I found a place that I belong and a purpose for life I feel as though God has specifically called me to student ministries, so I can help students discover the same.

Tahasha Foxe

Children's Pastor

Jesus welcomed the children and that is Tash’s heart. She is passionate about helping families and children draw near to Jesus, grow in their journey towards authentic unshakable faith, and to love and serve others. Tash is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education.  

Madi Long

Children's Ministry Assistant

Madi is a wife and mother who loves art and the outdoors! She feels passionate about helping youth and children feel loved and capable, and her mission is to foster connection to God through creativity, prayer and community. 

Isaac Long

Discipleship Coordinator

Isaac is an outdoorsman who is very involved in the Walla Walla community as an ISA Certifies Arborist. Him and his family often spend quality time outside and with friends and family. Isaac values connection and truth, he directs and coordinates alongside Mark, our associate pastor, to help guide our community in discipleship. He believes we are saved on purpose for a purpose. That we are called to be apprentices of Jesus so that we can live out our purpose in the Kingdom of God.

Karissa Marvin

Sound and Media Director

Karissa is an Oklahoma native who is now happy to call Walla Walla home. She is the music teacher at Davis Elementary School, and spends her days singing with the valley’s tiniest musicians. She has a passion for worshipping through many different activities, which now include running sound and media at Moment Church. Karissa is grateful for the grace of God that led her through many trials to land here at Moment. 

Emmi Snider

Service  +  Outreach Coordinator

Emmi was born and raised in Walla Walla and has a passion for loving God and loving people. Her goal is to help those around her experience the joy and fulfillment that comes from serving. Those who are called to lead are called to serve (Matthew 20:26). Her heart is to serve wherever she is called and she is grateful to be called to such an amazing community. 

Kristina Czarny

 Finance Director

Kristina moved to Walla Walla in 2015 for the wine industry. Little did she know that she would meet her husband, get married, start a family, be a part of an amazing community of believers and call Walla Walla her home. Kristina has always believed in Jesus but it wasn't until she moved to Walla Walla that she really began to follow Jesus with passion. She was hungry for God's word and consumed as much as she could through sermons, small groups, podcasts and youtube. Looking back, she can see how much work God has done in her life and how much spiritual maturity she has gained and wants the same for others. Now, one of Kristina's favorite things to do is to share her enthusiasm for studying and teaching the bible with others.